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Please find below the most common issues faced when using streaming sites:

Watching on TV

The Home Rave TV apps are now available on Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Google Chrome Cast, Android TV and Roku!  

Mobile Apps

The Home Rave apps are now available on Apple and Android. At present, the chat is not on the apps due to the app stores being super slow at accepting out moderation process. This will be updated soon we hope.


    The most common problems with streaming is buffering which can be resolved by doing the following;

    One - Clearing your internet history (Stored cookies on your phone can slow you down) 

    Two - Making sure your phone/tablet is up to date with the latest software. Be sure to try the stream on another device if you are having issues as if its happening on both then it is an internet issue.

    Three - Switching between 4G and WIFI to see if the problem still persists. You would be surprised at how well 4G performs over WIFI. 

    Four - Refreshing your page from time to time. Streams and busy chats can cause congestion on your phone which a quick refresh can help.


    If you are a seasoned Home Raver you will know the chats go crazy with up to 30,000 messaged being sent in some shows. We always recommend you to refresh your device from time to time to give it time to settle.

    Incompatible devices 

    Home Rave will work on all up to date devices with the latest software installed. As you can imagine items such as old iPads and some Smart TVs may not be compatible in the same way old devices don't allow you to install new up to date apps. If your device is over five years old then it may not be compatible. 

    Lost passwords

    To reset your password click on the forgotten password link. Be sure to check your junk mail. 

    Account on hold

    If you are presented with a page which asks you to enter your payment details it is down to two things. The first meaning your trial has ended and you need to pay to continue or your payment has failed for your renewal. Payment failures do not always mean insufficient funds so do not panic. It can just be your bank turning away certain online payments. 

    Price increase 

    On May 18th 2021 we announced there would be a monthly price increase of £1. This was due to Apple and Android's increased pricing on in app purchases which is now over 80% of our customers. When the platform was launched we didnt have Native Apps so we could hold our price but sadly with Apple and Androids Tax of 30% on every user we had no other option to increase in line with their charges.

    Cancelling your account

    You can cancel Home Rave at any time. To cancel your account at simply login to your account and then click My Account > Billing > Change Plan > Cancel

    We cannot cancel via email due to us being unable to do security verification over email.

    Still need help? 

    Email hello@home-rave.com for assistance.